Green Weddings F.A.Q’s

Why should I consider hiring Emerald Weddings?

Planning a wedding can be one of the most fun and exciting times in your life. It’s easy, however, to become overwhelmed and stressed out with the many details and choices that go into the planning. At Emerald Weddings, we will ensure that your planning experience never reaches that level. We will be with you every step of the way to handle the many details you encounter. Our goal is to keep you captivated and excited about every aspect of this process and create a journey you will never forget. Working with Emerald Weddings will reduce your overall wedding stress and create an individually unique planning experience.

What can I expect from working with Emerald Weddings?

The consultants at Emerald Weddings always remember that they work for you! The goal is to take your wedding vision and turn it into your wedding reality. Whether you have a distinct picture of every detail of your wedding, or only general thoughts of color palettes, we encourage your ideas and guide you to your goals. Emerald Weddings will make suggestions that compliment your overall style, while maintaining the integrity of your wedding theme.

What is a green wedding?

Many times people have a misconception about what it means to “go green”. “Going green” simply means becoming more environmentally conscious and incorporating new, eco-friendly elements into your daily living. Emerald Weddings is committed to designing stylish and elegant weddings that reduce the impact on the natural environment. We are thrilled to help you incorporate any level of “greenness” into your wedding. As the planning progresses and your wedding takes shape, we will make eco-friendly suggestions that fit your overall vision. Ultimately the amount of incorporation is truly up to you!

Do I have to give up my personal style to incorporate “green” elements into my wedding?

Absolutely not! Our goal is to show only the most stylish and chic ways to green your event. Emerald Weddings will make unique suggestions about the individual elements of your wedding, while never compromising your style. We want your wedding to be representative of you as a couple, while keeping the state of our environment in mind.

What is the cost to hire Emerald Weddings for my wedding coordination?

The cost of consultation depends primarily on the level of service you choose. We offer three unique packages that include varying levels of service. In addition, you can choose from the a la carte menu if the services you desire fall outside of our three packages.

Can Emerald Weddings help me create a chic wedding while working within my budget?

Yes! One of our specialties is analyzing your vision and fitting it into your personal budget. We fully understand the expenses involved in planning a wedding. Our goal is to help you discover ways to maintain your style while reducing your expenses. Using our list of preferred vendors allows you to take advantage of additional discounts and is one way we can help you keep costs down. Keep in mind also that our service packages are completely customizable and can be tailored to your needs.

Will Emerald Weddings coordinate out-of-state events?

Yes! Emerald Weddings most commonly coordinates local weddings because of our preferred partnerships with local vendors and our desire to “green” Seattle’s wedding scene one step at a time. This doesn’t mean however, that we can’t or won’t coordinate out of state weddings. If you are interested in out of state coordination, we suggest setting up a meeting to discuss a customizable service package.

What is your payment policy?

We require that 50% of the charges are paid for in advance, and the remaining balance to be paid two weeks before the event. We are willing to negotiate our payment policy if you have special needs.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you cancel our services by your own account within 30 days of hire, you will receive a full refund. Any cancellations beyond 30 days will be reviewed on a case by case basis.