Wedding Registry Advice

During the planning process registering for wedding gifts is something most couples do together. It can be a really fun and enjoyable experience but it can also lead to a lot of uncertainty.  Questions inevitably start to arise:

How many place settings do we need?

Do we register for something we already have?

Is this gift too expensive to register for? 

How do we tell people where we are registered? 

These questions and many more typically come up and of course, Martha has the answer :).  Martha Stewart Weddings has the Do’s and Don’ts to registering that I highly recommend you check out here. 

Finally, some green tips for registering from Emerald Weddings:  Don’t register for things you already have that work perfectly well, don’t register for things just because it’s “the norm” and don’t register for things you don’t need or will never use…DO HAVE FUN! 🙂

Image courtsey of Martha Stewart Weddings

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